How I have helped my clients


How I have helped
my clients

We approached Natasha when our daughter developed a stammer in her speech when she was almost 3 years old. Natasha assessed our daughter’s speech, and we had six therapy sessions. The sessions were tailored to our daughter’s behaviour and personality, as well as how we, as parents, interact with her. We were given clear tasks and goals at the end of each session, and we were asked to keep notes on how we get on at home. Our daughter’s speech improved significantly after 5 sessions, and her speech was almost at normal fluency level for her age after the consolidation period. Natasha was very professional from the very start, she listened and was empathic to our concerns. We are grateful to have Natasha as our daughter’s speech therapist

Mother of 3 year old
Natasha immediately developed the trust and confidence of our son. As a result, he listened, understood and learnt very quickly. Natasha provided reassurance as well as practical training and homework for us and our son, resulting in rapid progress. Natasha has a great learning environment and our son found it was fun to attend the sessions. We were very happy with the progress he made in only 2 months!

Mother of 6 year old
I came to Natasha for help with my daughter's pronunciation and sentence structure. Natasha provided my daughter with weekly therapy sessions of an hour and exercises and games to do at home. She also liaised with my daughter's teacher and suggested ways to support her in the classroom. I have been thrilled with the progress my daughter has made over a reasonably short period of time with Natasha. Her therapy sessions (and the homework provided) were effective but also fun and confidence building for my little girl. My daughter's teacher was also impressed with Natasha and found her very helpful. I would recommend her services to any mother or father who has concerns over a child's speech and /or language

Mother of 5 year old
Our daughter has a developmental delay in Speech. Natasha has shown genuine concern for our daughter’s development. Her approach in therapy has given us parents the empowerment in taking accountability in our child’s development. She has been religiously guiding us since day 1. It has only been over 2 months of therapy and we’ve already seen noticeable improvements in our daughter.

Mother of 3 year old
Natasha is an excellent speech therapist and very professional in her approach and manner , we had been concerned about our 2 year old who has not been saying much and is delayed in talking for his age. After the initial assessment at our home a plan has been put in place both at the nursery he started recently and on a one to one with myself , wife and son at her home. I am glad to say there has been steady progress and after a short period our son is much more responsive and interacting more making gestures and word sounds. Natasha is realistic and sets the goals and activities accordingly. We would strongly recommend her and continue to seek her guidance

Father of 2 year old
We started working with Natasha in February 2019 to help our four year old son who has a speech and language delay. We were waiting for NHS support and decided to see Natasha in the interim. Since working with Natasha, our son has seen significant progress in his communication skills. With Natasha's coaching, my husband and I feel much better equipped and more confident in helping our son to continue to develop in the run up to him starting Reception. Natasha introduced us to visual timetables, and even produced one for us, and this has really helped our son with his anxieties. She has also helped us to learn some Makaton which is a useful tool. Natasha has also been able to go into our son's nursery to help his teacher's deliver the support he needs and to ensure all of his 'team' are on the same page. We have been extremely impressed by Natasha's professionalism, expertise and proactive nature. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs a SALT

Mother of 4 year old
Natasha has a great way of making the therapy exercises fun and because of her natural warmth very quickly built up a good relationship with our son. His speech has improved noticeably in the 6 months we have been working with her and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help with their child's speech

Mother of 3 year old
I would highly recommend any training with Natasha. She is so passionate about what she does and has a wealth of experience. She works well with staff members and is highly respectful to them and their role. The benefits of having Natasha working with us were huge

Nursery Manager